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Seven Tips For A Safe Hunting Season

Fall is a nice time of year in the Midwest. Fall sports are back, trees change colors, and if it was a hot summer, the cooler temperatures feel nice. It’s also the time of year when hunters begin venturing into the woods.

Here are seven (7) safety tips to keep yourself and others safe:

  1. Communication is key: if your hunting alone or with friends and family be sure to let someone know where you'll be and when you plan to be home.

  2. Keep guns and ammo locked in separate cabinets: to often we hear of accidental shootings. You may think you have a good hiding spot, but kids are inquisitive! For the safety of all, lock gun cabinets and hide the keys in a safe place as well as consider having trigger locks on each firearm.

  3. Dress for the weather: wearing the right clothing or gear, in any hobby you enjoy, is important. Make sure you wear protective eye and ear coverings, when shooting, and make sure you wear bright clothing during riffle season to make yourself more viability. Hunting from a tree stand? Consider a safety harness!

  4. Have a first aid kit on hand: accidents happen. You may get a cut from a limb while walking in the woods, sprain your ankle or need medication to treat an allergic reaction. Put together a small kit especially for you.

  5. Know your surroundings: know where other hunters may be and know your target your shooting at before your pull the trigger or release your arrow/bolt!

  6. Get permission: just because you live near the woods doesn't mean you can hunt in the woods. Be sure to ask permission from landowners before hunting. The last thing you want is a heated confrontation in the woods.

  7. Contact your local DNR: know the rules and regulations where you are hunting. What's allowed and what isn't. Be sure to have the proper licensing purchased for your hunt and know where local DNR deer checks are at. Michigan DNR website:

Follow these simple seven safety tips towards a successful season.

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