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Short Term Medical


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No health insurance? In between jobs or in a waiting period before your group health coverage begins? No problem.  Apply for affordable short term health insurance in minutes, and in most cases, get instant approval.  Plans can last from 30 days to 364 days depending on your state, so you are never left without coverage.  It's health insurance on your terms.

Short term health insurance is quickly becoming the alternative health plan of choice for individuals and families looking for an affordable option during a temporary life situation, such as being stuck in a 90-day employer waiting period, early retirement, aging off a parents plan, inability to afford COBRA coverage or another life change that leaves them uninsured..


Flexible Coverage


Never worry about only seeing a doctor in-network. With short term insurance, see any doctor you want. There are no restrictions on which physician, urgent care center or hospital you use. It’s your choice.

Extra Benefits Included


Pivot Health short term medical includes membership benefits that include low cost video consultations with board certified doctors that can diagnose and provide prescriptions in minutes, plus discount vision services and a discount prescription drug card.

Short Term Medical Insurance Optios

Pivot Care Limited Benefit - Brochure

Pivot Care Indemnity - Brochure

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Need Another Option for Short Term Medical?

UnitedHealthcare provides access to health care for 27.8 million American.  Golden Rule Insurance Company, which underwrites many UnitedHealthcare branded insurance plans, has been rated "A" (Excellent) by A.M. Best.  Together UnitedHealthcare and Golden Rule represent over 75 years of personal insurance experience.

Find your budget-friendly health plan for a limited time to help you stay covered when you're between other health insurance solutions.

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