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Open enrollment 2022


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is extending its Open Enrollment Period this year to January 15, 2022

  • Enrollments from November 1 to December 15, 2021, will receive a January 1, 2022 start date. 

  • Enrollments from December 16, 2021, through January 15, 2022, will receive a February 1, 2022 start date.


Protecting You Today For What Tomorrow May Come

With the cost of healthcare on the rise, you cannot afford to take any chances. As an individual, you are most likely responsible not only for yourself, but also for your family. In order to protect you health and financial well being you, want to ensure that you have the proper Health Insurance plan that can cover your every need . At AJM Associates, Inc., we offer Individual and Family Health Insurance plans to those who do not receive health benefit packages from their current employer, or are either self-employed, unemployed, or a student. Our various types of Individual and Family Health Medical Insurance options include:​

  • HMO (Health Maintenance Organization)

  • EPO (Exclusive Provider Organization)

  • PPO (Preferred Provider Organization)

  • POS (Point-of-Service)

  • HSA (Health Savings Account)

  • Short Term Medical

Each insurance carrier and option differs in cost and benefits, it is important to discuss your unique needs with an insurance expert who can keep you, your spouse, and your children covered under the right plan at a price you can afford.  At AJM Associates, Inc., the right plan doesn't just stop with Medical Insurance.  We provide additional lines of individual coverage including:

Find a Health Insurance Plan That’s Right For You

Without an adequate Health Insurance policy, if you or a family member gets injured in an accident or becomes ill, the last thing you will want to experience is paying for high medical costs from your own pocket.

If you are an individual looking for coverage either for yourself or your family, you can find the perfect Individual and Family Health Insurance plan from AJM Associates, Inc. Since Health Insurance options vary from state to state, our experienced professionals are available to work with your needs on an individual basis in order to assist you in creating a plan that keeps you covered.

Do not risk your finances on expensive medical bills and services. Get the affordable protection that keeps those you care about most healthy with an Individual and Family Health Insurance policy. At AJM Associates it
's Good To Have Options!

AJM Associates is proud to partner with VSP® Individual Vision Plans to offer affordable vision options. Find a plan in your area today!