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Is your international medical coverage all you think it is?

U.S. domestic healthcare plans may include some or limited international coverage, but is it as comprehensive as you may need?

When medical treatment is needed, Americans traveling or living abroad often find themselves underinsured—or without insurance altogether. It is a common belief to many travelers that their domestic coverage plan will follow them internationally and they will have the same experience at the doctor’s office or hospital they are familiar with Stateside.

Unfortunately, in some cases, the domestic plan may offer limited or no coverage outside of the United States. Additionally, when relying on domestic coverage while abroad, many travelers are required to pay upfront for the medical services rendered and submit a claim later. Whether a routine visit or a medical emergency, locating a medical professional on one’s own that is accredited with familiar or trusted medical practice standards or can speak in the traveler’s language can be stressful.

How we can help you prepare.

Not all domestic carriers are the same. Blue Cross Blue Shield plans offer a suite of international health insurance solutions designed to meet the needs of globally mobile individuals worldwide. Most Blue Cross Blue Shield plans embed a free program called Blue Cross Blue Shield Core, formerly referred to as Bluecard, which provides basic coverage and assistance to members traveling abroad. GeoBlue offers affordable extended coverage through travel health products that offer enhanced benefits, support, security and convenience for anyone planning trips abroad or living outside of the U.S. for an extended period.

GeoBlue plans bridge coverage gaps and are engineered for international traveler needs. You will receive concierge-level service to help you navigate different health systems across the globe.

Explore coverage options that fit your travel needs by clicking here

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