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Blue Cross is waiving cost sharing for telehealth medical services

What you need to know

Today, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is publicly announcing that they will waive cost sharing on telehealth medical services for their members who have the benefit.

This will be in place for Blue members starting on Tuesday, March 17 at 9 a.m. Eastern time and will continue through at least April 30. This change affects member liabilities for visits to network doctors who provide telehealth medical services as well as Blue Cross Online Visits — for customers who have this benefit.

Combined with Blue's previous decision to waive member cost sharing for COVID-19 lab testing and several other changes, they're promoting ways to reduce infection. Telehealth enables individuals to consult with physicians from their home using computers, smartphones, telephones and tablets.

These enhancements to existing benefits are temporary and the associated costs are relatively small. Blue is encouraging self-funded groups to join in these changes although they can opt out because they manage their benefits.

Additional resources

You can read more about this in this letter.

Blue Cross is committed to helping its members, customers and the community during this public health emergency. Visit Blue Cross Online Visits to start your telehealth virtual visit.

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