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AJM Celebrates Another Year of Service

Today AJM Associates is humbled to celebrate another year helping Individuals and Groups find the right plan, fitting their healthcare and financial means. All thanks to the wonderful clients, network partners, and word of mouth referral advocates.

Whether it be group medical, dental, vision or ancillary coverage to individual health or Medicare, we stand ready to educate, assist, and advise. Never subscribing to the must write to increase revenue mentality we have seen personally in the industry. Rather we focus on a what works best for you, even if staying with what you already have is the right fit.

We started this venture to provide real value to our clients, waking up thinking about them and going to bed the same. "There are a lot of problems to solve when building a business that can distract you from delivering and that is why we are focused on diverse inputs from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives who can help look at issues clients face, through a new lens."

When assisting clients with comprehensive benefits and competitive solutions, there is "no one plan, one size fits all" playbook. Each client faces unique circumstances specific to their employee base and individual wants/needs. At AJM Associates we adapt to the unpredictability of healthcare costs, plan design changes, regulatory actions and affordability concerns focusing on what matters the most - THE CLIENT.

Thank you again for a wonderful year on this roller-coaster ride. AJM Associates is buckled up for many more years to come.

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