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Protect your identity (and your children’s) when you travel


When you’re ready to travel, the world is your oyster, especially with one of the best credit cards for travel. But travelers must protect their personal information and — especially — that of their children.

Even seemingly harmless activities, like posting to Snapchat or using an ATM, can expose someone to identity theft. So it’s important to keep a close eye on your family’s data.

In fact, a new law makes it free to check your child’s credit report. It’s a good reminder that everyone in your family can be at risk of having their identity stolen.

Click here to continue reading how to protect you identity when you travel from our guest Blogger Meghan Hunter with Million Mile Secrets.

Don’t forget about your kids like the McCallisters did in “Home Alone” — they are targets for identity theft too. (Photo by Liderina/Shutterstock)

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