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Hold on to Talent With Stay Conversations

Some people think employment is all about the money, but they're wrong. For many, it's about the opportunities.

In fact, Gallup cites "lack of development and career growth" as the number one reason employees leave their workplace.

Employees expect some development opportunities, so ignoring this outright can quickly lead to an exodus.

How can you ensure you're offering suitable opportunities to keep your employees happy? "Stay conversations" are a good way to start.

What They Are

Stay conversations are ongoing, informal meetings between employees and their supervisors. They are intended to provide the employee time to discuss their motivations and attitudes toward their job.

In other words, you're checking in with employees to makes sure they feel fulfilled and working together to find growth opportunities.

Questions you'd ask in a stay conversation might include:

  • What about your work is most exciting?

  • What aspect of your job are you most passionate about?

  • Do you feel like you are getting the recognition you deserve?

  • What are some of your career goals?

Planning for Them

Stay conversations should be informal, but they should also be schedule in advance, so as to not startle the employee. They should also be ongoing to show that you truly care about employee growth.

Don't wait until employees are halfway out the door. Start having these conversations right away!

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