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Adding Self-Care to Your Side Hustle

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The global pandemic has caused massive changes in the way people work and play. For many people, quarantine time was spent starting or honing side hustles for extra income as they reassessed their career decisions and goals. If you picked up a side hustle, this article offers a few things to consider when adding self-care that will help you live your best life.

Hiring Out for Help

Balancing self-care with a side hustle and a full-time job can be tricky. If you're focused on getting a business started, one great way to take care of yourself is to hire out help on time-consuming tasks that you don't enjoy so you can focus on more important things. For example, if you're hoping to turn your side hustle into a limited liability company (LLC) but don't relish the paperwork, think about hiring a formation service to register for that LLC for you. While different states have different rules on how to create an LLC, a formation service will know what works for your area and can help take away this stress from you.

Hiring freelance professionals for things like graphic design, marketing, or distribution can also be great ways to expand your hustle without sacrificing those few hours of free time you have for yourself and your family at the end of the day. Once you come up with a schedule and all tasks are assigned, do what you can to use that free time to unwind through activities you enjoy, resting, or spending time with people you care about.

Making the Most of Online Self-Care Services

It takes time to build any business and there will inevitably be moments of stress. One great time-saver is to look for medical professionals or licensed therapists who see patients online. Instead of taking the time to see your therapist or doctor in person, managing your health through online telehealth visits can save time and avoid the temptation of putting your health off to another time when you're less busy. You can also quickly get a prescription online.

When talking to your online doctor or mental health professional, ask for recommendations on ways you can better balance self-care in your life. They'll be great at making personalized suggestions on things like sleep, exercise, and diet. Always remember: A healthier you is a more productive you.

Scheduling Self-Care Routines and Habits

Self-care matters, and it should be a priority as you balance your job, side hustle, and your leisure time. In the same way you schedule meetings with vendors or consultants, it's a good idea to schedule time off. A monthly visit to the spa, a weekly walk, or an occasional trip to a favorite lake or nature site will help maintain a happier you. In fact, by investing in your own wellness, you'll feel more creative when it comes to your business.

Hustling Peace of Mind

Creating a great balance between self-care and best business practices is the first step in increasing your odds of success. As your side hustle expands, consider looking into your insurance options to establish better coverage for you and your employees.

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Suzie Wilson - Guest Blogger Happier Home

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