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8 Ways Your Company Can Provide Employee Benefits

#GuestBlogger - Andy Hughes: Vizzi.Biz

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Being an employee can be tough on the body and mind, especially when you're working long hours or under stressful conditions. Fortunately, companies are becoming more aware of the effect stress has on employee health and happiness and are finding ways to provide workers with the resources needed to stay healthy and happy.  Courtesy of AJM Associates, here are eight of the latest employee benefits your company might consider offering.


1. Coaching Programs


A coaching program improves employee performance and gives team members a platform to grow personally and professionally. Coaching programs help people set and reach new goals, whether in work or in other areas of life. It also builds relationships between managers and team members by having them share achievements.


2. Yoga Classes


Exercising has a positive effect on physical and mental health. Offering yoga classes to employees lowers stress levels and raises overall productivity. Yoga is an excellent stress reliever, so employees may find some peace before or after their workday.


3. Housing Stipend


Incorporating a housing stipend into your company's employee benefits can significantly boost its attractiveness as well as your candidate pool. By offering this stipend, you acknowledge and support the importance of stable and comfortable living conditions for your employees. To effectively implement this, use an online search tool to evaluate the local rental market. This will give you a realistic sense of housing costs in your area. Utilize filter features to narrow down the search based on size or the number of rooms, ensuring you get a representative sample of the market.


4. On-Site Weight-Loss Program


If your employees are overweight or obese, shedding some pounds through diet and exercise can improve their heart health by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In addition, even for those who already have a healthy weight, maintaining an active lifestyle decreases their risk of developing heart disease and diabetes in later years.


5. Workshops, Classes, and Seminars


Whether a one-off class or a series of workshops, in-house professional development opportunities can keep your employees motivated and engaged. If your company doesn’t already hold these workshops, it might be worth discovering what classes you can offer in your area.


6. A Relaxation Room


Instead of just providing a break room, design a relaxation room for your employees. Regularly rid it of bad energy by cleaning with a naturopathic solution. This way, when employees come in to relax and decompress, they will have a calming, neutral place.


7. Educational Benefits


Help your staff improve their skills and expand their horizons by investing in furthering their education. Offering education improves morale among the workforce and fosters company culture. Whether workers choose certificate programs or full-blown online degrees, plenty of options are available to match all learning styles and budgets. Online coursework allows workers to take classes on their own time, making it easier to complete degrees.


8. A Robust Benefits Package


Offering a range of optional benefits can significantly enhance your company's appeal to current and potential employees. A robust benefits package communicates a powerful message to your staff: they are valued, and their well-being is a priority for the company. Consider including benefits that employees are likely to appreciate, such as paid personal days, additional paid vacation time, comprehensive vision and dental care plans, and even daycare services for children of employees. These added perks not only boost employee morale but also contribute to a more supportive and productive work environment.


Healthy and Happy Employees


Using innovative methods of providing benefits can help you attract and retain talent in today’s highly-competitive job market. If your organization wants to be at its best, it needs every member in top physical and mental health, and you can help by providing an enviable employee benefits package.


AJM Associates is here for your group insurance needs. Let us know if you have any questions!

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