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Who Do You BENEFIT With?


Developing Innovative Strategies



At AJM Associates, Inc. we do more than place your insurance coverage—we’re committed to providing you with the best services and resources to support your business. We have a suite of solutions to provide additional value for our clients:

  • Employer education resources

  • Employee communications

  • Resource tools

  • Health claims analytics

  • Employee portal

HR Consulting

Current economic trends are now pushing businesses to consider alternative avenues of administrative functions to improve basic services and maintain compliance with the ever changing regulations.


AJM Associates, Inc. can assist your existing Human Resource staff to become more efficient, enabling them the time to focus on your operational business needs and strategies.



HR and Compliance Just Got Waaay Easier!

  • Smart Employee Handbook

  • HR Compliance Library

  • Proactive To-Dos

  • Learn:  Employee Training Courses

  • Job Description Library

  • Salary Compare

  • Compliance Calendar

  • HR Assessment

  • Benefits Document Creator

  • OSHA Log................................ and so much more


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