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Recruiting Post-Coronavirus

While unemployment rates remain high, many employers may find themselves struggling to connect with the right candidates.

Current Employment Market

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, job seekers in the post-coronavirus employment market are prioritizing safety in the workplace and looking for stability with career-oriented opportunities rather than short-term employment.

Employers may want to consider how their employer brand and recruiting methods are resonating with the current employment market.

Steps You Can Take

Employer brand is as important as ever. Relevant topics include:

  • Your COVID-19 response

  • Actions you’ve taken to keep your workplace safe

  • Your benefits offerings (including sick leave and mental health support)

  • Your career-oriented job opportunities

To effectively engage with job seekers, employers should consider:

  • Establishing an online presence

  • Aligning the employer brand with recruiting

  • Conducting virtual interviews

Recruiting methods will vary for every employer—ensure that your core strengths are transparent to job seekers.

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