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6 Tips For A Healthy Super Bowl Sunday

1. Work out in the morning. Start you day off with an adrenaline bust and hit the weights or get in some cardio. Early morning workouts increase your mental clarity and the benefits of exercise linger throughout the day. You continue to burn calories after the workout is don and it helps keep your metabolism elevated to combat the pre-post-during game snacks!

2. Eat light during the day. Don't go to the Super Bowl party on an empty stomach. You'll be less tempted to gorge the minute your around the pizza platter. Tip: Fill up on vegetables and fruits beforehand.

3. Bring the healthy side. If your a guest you're undoubtedly bringing something to the party. This will at least give you one option at the party that is good for you and that you'll like.

4. Fit in between. Commercial breaks are a good time to take mini fitness challenges with your friends. The squares are already filled, so why not throw in little fitness side bets to keep the momentum and metabolism going. Touchdown push-ups can do just that. For every touchdown or field goal the opposite team your rooting for scores, drop and give them 20! Chip or Beer commercial? Settle into plank until the commercial is over.

5. Drink 1:1. Staying hydrated is important. With every adult beverage you partake in, switch the next one up with a glass of water. This will help keep you more contentiousness of how much you are drinking and help you SLOW DOWN! Super Bowl games can last a long time with stoppage of plays, commercial breaks and post game show. Pace yourself to celebrate your teams victory.

6. Pick your seat wisely. Don't sit next to the appetizer table, recognize when you've hit full and eat slowly. If you do fill up quick, stand up and walk around as much as possible.

Do you have any additional tips for a healthy Super Bowl Sunday? Who are you cheering for? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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