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Newly Eligible

Plan Year: January 1, 2020 through December 31,2020

M&M Home Care provides Group Health Care Coverage options to eligible full-time employees The plan year for M&M Home Care is January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020. Eligible employees have the opportunity to elect to enroll in coverage after they have met their new hire waiting period and eligibility for coverage.


We encourage you to thoroughly review the information and resources on this page so that you may make an informed decision when determining if you wish to enroll or waive coverage.  

If you are unsure if you are eligible to enroll in the M&M Home Care Group Health Care Coverage, please verify with Human Resources before submitting your enrollment.

Helpful Information

How to complete your Newly Eligible Enrollment

Eligible employees are strongly encouraged to go through the above provided benefit materials and seek answers to questions regarding your available health care coverage.  M&M Home Care Human Resources and our dedicated agent  (AJM Associates, Inc.) can help assist.  Below you will find detailed contact information, should you have questions while reviewing your options.  Once you have selected the coverage(s) you would like to enroll in, please return to Human Resources the completed 2021 Benefits Election Form.  In addition return a completed carrier enrollment form for your elections.


  • If you are enrolling in the Total Health Care Medical Plan – return a completed Total Health Care Enrollment Form

  • If you are enrolling in the HealthChoice Medical Plan – return a completed HealthChoice Enrollment Form

  • If you are enrolling in the Beam Voluntary Dental or Voluntary Vision plan – return a completed Beam Enrollment Form


  • Employees that work on average 30 hours or more per week during the calendar year are considered full-time employees and are eligible for the Employer Sponsored Medical Health Care Plan through Total Health Care. M&M Home Care pays 50% of the single premium for enrollment.  Those employees that wish to enroll their eligible spouse or dependents will be responsible for the additional premium.

  • Employees that work less than 30 hours per week and not eligible for the Employer Sponsored Medical Health Care Plan, may elect to enroll in the Wayne County program through HealthChoice of Michigan.  To be eligible the employee must work at least 20 hours per week and not currently eligible for health care benefits including Medicare, Medicaid or other employer sponsored health coverage.

  • All Full-Time and Part-Time employees are eligible to enroll in the Voluntary Dental and Voluntary Vision coverage through Beam.


M&M Home Care
Stephanie Hawk – Human Resource Coordinator

Office:  (248) 599-2410 Ext. 12

AJM Associates, Inc.

Karl Ruth – President

Office:  (248) 778-6070


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