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Life Journey Coaching LLC

Grace Buffa, Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Transformational Coach



My Story

I started my journey over 20 years ago as I found my interest in Physical Therapy, I love helping people heal.  After 8 years of working, I became a mom and stayed at home to raise my children, and life looked good.

Health Challenges

I struggled with bouts of depression and had a distorted view of my body and didn't have a healthy relationship with food.

Best Decision of my Life

I finally found yoga 3 yrs later and my life changed. I became a Registered Yoga Teacher, I noticed my depression lifted and that conscious breathing was healing my body, and my mind also the view of myself.

Started my Jouney

My journey evolved over the last 14 yrs or so as my love for nutrition and yoga has to lead me on a journey of self-discovery. I found out that I could still carry a healthy weight, and feel good in my body if I nourished my body properly. That I could actually break free of the deprivation mentality of dieting and enjoy food. I also found out that if I balanced my life so I could take time for self care and stress management that I not only experienced less back pain and illness, but that I become a better version of me! A better mom, spouse and business owner.

My Passion

Over the course of 23 years I have been helping people heal in one way or another. I want to make a difference in the lives of others. I love to support others, and relish success that leads to the greater good. I seek to add value in everything that I do and are often referred to as the “go-to” person. This is why I have decided to combine my love for Health and Wellness into being a Certified Coach.

Why choose Me for your Coach?

I love seeking information and knowledge – and not at a superficial level. I have the mindset of “there is always more to learn and discover.” I like to peel back the layers of the onion, always going deeper and looking for subtle differences and nuances that make a big difference and provide more meaning. Often I am viewed as an expert because of my depth of knowledge in Health and Wellness.

I ultimately bring solutions that people can trust and count on to be accurate. I will look to do things correctly simply because that’s what a trusted person would do. I take pride in delivering what I say I am going to do and I love being the trusted source. I believe that when relationships are based upon Trust, the sky’s the limit. 

I understand what it feels like at the end of a work day when you are tired and have no time to take care of yourself, or how you feel when you don't feel worthy enough and feel guilty if you do take time for yourself. I am here to tell you, that when you take the time to work on you, and take care of you, you are a better, happier, healthier, more loving version of you that inspires others to live the same. I can tell you by experience. You can have it all...but you have to learn HOW to find balance in your life.

It is my purpose and my passion to guide people through hope and  healing to find being whole and free on the other side. Let me show you how.

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Contact Information

Grace Buffa CHC, RYT, LPTA

Life Journey Coaching LLC

(586) 246-1123

Website: Life Journey Coaching

Life Journey Coaching is an independent Certified Coach not affiliated with AJM Associates, Inc. and specializes in Health & Wellness One on One Coaching and Consultations.

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