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A Business Owner's Guide to Boosting Sales and Marketing with External Talent


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Marketing and sales are critical to any company's success, ensuring that consumers not only know about a product or service, but also buy it. As a business owner, hiring the right sales and marketing team can help drive success. Thanks to modern telecommunications, you can now rely on remote workers to do the job. WP Forms explains the benefits of using an external team, from reducing costs to minimizing turnover and accessing a larger talent pool. If hiring isn't your strong suit, an HR consultant like AJM Associates, Inc., can help. If you've never hired remotely before, you may not know where to begin. Read on for a step-by-step guide to the entire process.

Create an official business entity for easier external hiring.

If you haven't already done so, register your startup as a formal business entity like a limited liability company. An LLC offers tax benefits and simplified reporting requirements. Once it's set up, you can get an employer identification number, EIN, for tax purposes. LLC formation requirements vary between states. For example, Michigan LLC registration requires you to file Michigan Articles of Organization. Zenbusiness can simplify the process.

Write down your marketing and sales objectives.

Before you dive into the job marketplace, consider what type of professional you need in your team. Writing down your marketing and sales goals can help towards this end. For example, when it comes to marketing, you might be interested in improving your social media presence. In this case, you know you need to look for social media pros. When it comes to sales, your goals could range from increasing market share to expanding into a certain geographic region. Hubspot offers a guide to setting different types of sales goals.

Find, interview, and hire your remote sales and marketing talent.

Once you know precisely what roles you need to fill, you can start the recruitment process. The first step will be writing a compelling job ad. You'll then need to sift through resumes and choose a handful that you can interview. The Undercover Recruiter has a guide to remote interviews that can help, with handy tips like planning your questions in advance. After the interviews, you should be able to select a suitable candidate. If all of that sounds like a lot of work, explore what a hiring professional can do.

Create a structured onboarding experience for your team.

Once you've made your new hires, you want to integrate them into your team. Miro provides pointers for onboarding remote employees using a two-week plan. They recommend starting new hires with a small project, for example, and making time for personal connections. Throughout the onboarding process and beyond, make sure to maintain regular contact with your external workers. Work-from-Home Depot reveals that maintaining communication is one of the biggest challenges with remote teams, so you want to be proactive on this point.

Consider off-the-shelf solutions to support your team's success.

Off-the-shelf solutions can help ensure your sales and marketing team's success; thereby, supporting your overall business success. "Off-the-shelf" products are ready to use. The Microsoft suite is one example. Fingent explains the benefits of such off-the-shelf software solutions compared to custom alternatives, noting that they are often cheaper and easier to use. In addition to basic office software (e.g., word processing tools), you can also consider off-the-shelf sales and marketing solutions like Pipedrive, Sprout Social, and EngageBay.

Without sales and marketing, your business can't survive. Put some time and energy into the hiring process to ensure you get the right professionals to support your team. The above guide takes you through the process of hiring remote experts externally.

AJM Associates, Inc., can help you build a stellar remote team with boutique HR consulting services. Reach out today for assistance.

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