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My Collective Network LLC

Cyndee Sparre, Founder


My Story:

I first began my networking journey in November 2019. I was that rookie networker out exploring networking opportunities without even knowing an elevator pitch would be necessary. I quickly learned the basics, such as wear a nametag, bring your business cards and have your elevator pitch ready.


Networking Challenges:

After investing a significant amount of time seeking a closed networking group family to belong to, I was unsuccessful.  I quickly learned that people in my profession were a dime a dozen and all of the closed groups had that industry seat filled.


Walking in My Purpose:

I was encouraged by my networking peers to start my own business networking group, as I had invested so much time in building networking relationships with so many people through 1:1s.  This birthed my first networking group known as "The Collective".  After a year of leading The Collective, I started to see more business networking groups like mine popping up in the area.  I was eager to meet the leaders of these groups so that we could share best practices and help lead people to one another's groups, especially when we knew of a group that had an opening in a person's particular industry.  Through this, we started The Council, which is a monthly meeting of all the grassroot group leaders coming together to partner as one.


My Motivation:

Throughout my networking journey, often times my peers would introduce me to others as "The Ultimate Connector".  For some time, I pushed against the grain and worked really hard to be known as the "Financial Professional", because that's what my career was in.  Finally, I stopped resisting what people thought of me as and embraced it!  They say to walk in your strengths right?!  After years of procrastination, I invested my time in the summer of 2022 to build the business networking website, My Collective Network. 


Why Join My Collective Network?

  • Are you looking to cost-effective ways to network with other business professionals? 

  • Are you curious where and when the underground networking groups meet?

  • Would you like to have a professional profile on the website that allows people to give you reviews and add you to their recommendation list of business professionals?

  • Would you be interested in attending innovative networking opportunities throughout the month?

  • Are you looking for opportunities to market your business on our website homepage 

  • Would you like to post events you are passionate about on our website?


We've got you covered! Come check out what My Collective Network has to offer!  


Contact Information

Cyndee Sparre

My Collective Network LLC

(586) 909-4794

Website: My Collective Network

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My Collective Network is an independent Networking Community not affiliated with AJM Associates, Inc. and specializes in making professional connections, generating leads, and hosting networking events.

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