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To participate in the contest, please submit your child's original artwork on the provided contest entry form along with a completed copy of the Parent/Guardian Consent Form to:

AJM Associates
53225 Sams Lane
Chesterfield, MI 48047

ENTRY'S ARE DUE:  December 1, 2019

Celebrate with AJM Associates

Come celebrate with AJM Associates with our second annual Christmas Card Art Contest! 


Tis' the season and this year's theme is Winter Wonderland

The contest is open to all children ages 3-12 

Winners of this year's Winter Wonderland Christmas Card Contest will receive:

First Prize - $75.00 Amazon Gift Card and their drawing work featured on the front cover of our company Christmas Card.

Second Prize - $50.00 Amazon Gift Card and their drawing featured on the inside of the company Christmas Card.

Third Prize - $25.00 Amazon Gift Card and their drawing featured on the back of the company Christmas Card.

Submission &

Parent/Guardian Consent Form

Worksheet & Parent Consent Form_Page_2.j

Winners will be announced on

December 6th

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